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lacquer technique is illuminated on wood, plastic end first spraying black paint, red lacquer and then painting on the surface with a pattern, then dried and hardened before the paint coated gold, silver the method in which the class is illuminated painted flat, high illuminated painting, grinding paint illuminated painted. Illuminated technology, when using screen printing, manual and automatic, usually manually based. The first process is illuminated outline of the pattern plate design made​​, in the screen printing processes which belong to the plate, it is omitted. The following sequence will be described.
For pots, drawer, box flat printing equipment can be. First edition placed on the stage, and then the lacquer on the stage and location, the positioning and fixing lacquer. When a large number of printing, there must locate and fixtures (for example, the substrate can be inserted into the male wood type units), the gap layout and printing surface is 1 ~ 2mm. Surface printing cans, bowls substrates, as the center of a circular screen version, blade down, substrates up to run, when the scraper, screen and substrate contacts, screen version of the rotational force of the squeegee pressure to make printing was rotated printing.
Paint itself can not be used as ink, paint, low viscosity, easy mixing bubbles, the printed surface blistering, reach precise printing requirements. Therefore, to make the paint to achieve a good state of the ink, it needs to be modulated. Compared with other coatings, paint different drying conditions, the drying is performed by oxidation, and therefore, the need to control the temperature and humidity. Adjusting the viscosity of the printing varnish: the iron oxide, titanium oxide, proteins, anhydrous silicic acid and mixed paint, mix thoroughly, seal 4 to 5, can be adjusted to a viscosity of about 500 poise can be used for printing becomes ink.
Paint drying greatly influenced by temperature and humidity, temperature optimum drying conditions of 30 ~ 35 ℃, humidity 75% to 80% of the time and drying time illuminated proportional to paint (ink) the greater the viscosity of the faster drying.
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